The Truth Behind the Safety of Tanning Lotion

Friend or Foe?

Besides everyone's own opinion, the truth behind the tanning lotion safety and health dilemma is very depends on the quality.  Like with anything, choosing trusted brands will yield fruitful results.  In the world of indoor tanning lotions, we only supply the best of the best brands.  Instead of choosing the Walgreens brand that contains additives, trust in our brands that have been around the tanning industry for over a decade.   The main ingredeint in tanning lotion, aka what gets you the "brown" color, is DHA, which has been FDA cleared! With us, there is nothing but the honest truth while supplying the best quality for your body.

Quick Fact:

"The ABC News report cited Food & Drug Administration data suggesting that small amounts of DHA might seep through your skin and into your bloodstream but follow-up studies have failed to find evidence that DHA penetrates your skin’s protective barriers. To date there's no data to show that DHA is harmful when applied topically but if you're pregnant you may want to avoid it as a precautionary measure. "

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