What Sunless Product Works Best for your Skin: Here are the Answers.

Can I....?
Do you ever wonder if you can achieve that eternal glow on your skin without the burden of waiting a few weeks laying under the sun?  Well, yes, you very much can!  Here at E Beauty, we want you not only to be comfortable with your skin complexion, but we also want to help guide you as to which product works best with your skin tone.
Choose Based off Our Professional Opinion!
Dry skin? Thinner skin texture?  If so, we highly recommend the following products to help meet your need to "prep" your skin in achieving that maximum sunless look:
  • Versa Spa Gradual Tanning Spa Butter
  • https://elizabethbeautyproducts.com/products/versa-spa-gradual-tanning-spa-butter
Best suited for anyone, especially beginner tanners or even advanced tanners, because this Versa Bronzing mist will give you instant color, with no hint of orange either! 
  • Versa Spa Bronzing Mist
  • https://elizabethbeautyproducts.com/products/versa-spa-bronzing-mist-self-tanner
Are you looking for a darker more sleek look?  The famous Brown Sugar spray will best suit those who have a little darker skin complexion, and its only a few dollars over a buck fifty!
  • Brown Sugar Black Chocolate Select Sunless Mist
  • https://elizabethbeautyproducts.com/products/brown-sugar-black-chocolate-select-sunless-mist-7-4oz
Want that airbrush look?  You will feel the softness and the overall lightness with this product.  It will not leave you with an overwhelming amount of that bronze look, so we recommend this for anyone who has an event in two days or less as you will receive the most fresh look using this Sunless Spray by Tan Inc:
  • Flavors Airbrush Sunless Spray Tan Bronzer
  • https://elizabethbeautyproducts.com/products/flavours-airbrush-sunless-spray-tan-bronzer-10-oz
Are you on the go and you forgot to tan?!  This product is perfect for those last minute tanning needs.  Any woman can fit this in her purse, but do remember to keep it in a baggy in case it wants to leak on you!  Grab and go with this Selfie product and apply it while you are in transit to your next destination:
  • Selfie Tan N Go 2 Hour Sunless
  • https://elizabethbeautyproducts.com/products/selfie-tan-n-go-2-hour-sunless-6-78-oz
Do not forget the face!  Please note that most of the products, unless mentioned, are for the body...so we highly recommend the following product to insure you give that glow to your face, neck and chest:
  • https://elizabethbeautyproducts.com/products/versa-spa-gradual-face-tanner-moisturizer
  • Versa Spa Gradual Face Tanner
And remember to wait 4-6-8 hours before showering.  The longer you leave the product on, the deeper the color will form- the choice is left up to you!
With love,
E Beauty

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