What is a Tingle Lotion, and Which Tingle Lotion Takes the Cake: Bombshell or Tekton?

Don't be afraid to embrace the red dress, the red lipstick or the RED TINGLE TANNING LOTIONS.  Known for their strength in enhancing ones color within even the first use, be weary because these lotions are meant for experienced tanners.  Since the tingle lotions increase the circulation of blood flow and oxygen to the epidermis, they naturally result in heightened melanin production.  Even though tingle lotions are FDA approved, they tend to cause redness to the skin, which is how they dramatically enhance the bronzing of the skin as opposed to regular tanning lotions.
Rated as the top Tingle Tanning Lotions in the industry, it is your decision to rate which one is the best: either the California Tan Tekton Tingle or the Designer Skin Bombshell.  The Bomshell has been one of the first major and effective tingle lotions, but the tekon tingle is something of a competitor because of the quality that the tekton line produces.  If you have not yet read and tried both lotions, check out our websites page for the lotions and let us know your thoughts!

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