What Tanning Lotion has Anti-aging Properties in it?

It's about time that the world has some ant-aging tanning lotions!  Now, one can color their skin while repairing it and not have to hide in the shadows anymore.  Let us not be afraid to show our skin to those UV rays because of the protecting tanning lotion we now have.  The California Tan line introduced the CT ID tanning lotions roughly a year ago, which is infused with  the ReSync Complex, helping to restore radiance and energy to the skin. This tanning lotion is specifically formulated with Clinically Proven Ingredients to help enhance skin’s hydration, for noticeably youthful looking skin.  Not to mention the healing properties of the Camu oil that replenishes and rejuvenates “tired” cells for more youthful looking skin.  Also, the vitamin D supports collagen production and skin integrity; the CuO2 and TRF aid to further advance bronze color to a dark state.  Everything you need  to know is in  the CT ID Collection line, from body tanning lotion to serum for the face and neck!

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