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B Tan Forever + Ever 6.7oz.

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An ultra long lasting self tan mousse. you're no stranger to a bangin’ tan but you're looking for a longer term commitment? no one night stands here. just an afterglow that lasts… and lasts... and lasts! (well up to 11 days anyways).

  • i’ll make you b.tan forever + ever (well up to 11 days anyways)
  • scrap your weekly tanning routine and b.tanned longer than ever before
  • in what feels like forever, you'll soon forget your pasty past
  • i'm 100% vegan, free of nasties like parabens and i love animals so am 100% cruelty free

Customer Reviews

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Steph M.
Best self tanner

LOVE THIS STUFF. My tanning salon is closed due to the virus and I may just order this stuff from now on as great as it is! It instantly tans you and you don’t have to wait hours to see where you missed. Very easy to apply and doesn’t have a bad odor like some. Easy to spread and goes on so good. I use a tanning glove which helps to prevent hands from turning any other color. Lasts several days.