California Tan Coast Intensifer Step 1 Tanning Lotion 8 ozCalifornia Tan, IntensifierTanning LotionSCC Elizabeth Beauty

California Tan Coast Intensifier Step 1 Tanning Lotion 8oz.

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This new Coast Intensifier utilizes nature's own skincare ingredients to produce an undeniable, intense dark tan.
  • Alpine Lichen and White Birch Bark
  • Unique blend of Protein, Ginseng and Taurine
  • Sea Oak Algae nourishes with essential vitamins for healthy-looking skin
  • Formulated oil-free, nongreasy and quick-absorbing
  • Accelerate and build the ultimate golden color with Vitatan

Customer Reviews

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Love this product!

Best smelling tanning lotion. No staining clothes no greasy feeling.

Dean W.
Great product

I am new to tanning so I didn't know about what products did what. I was introduced to this intensifier by my local Palm Beach Tan. What sold me on it was that it helped bring on the tan faster so I wouldn't be under the lights too long. I also love the scent of it. It is a masculine woodsy type of smell and it is absorbed quite quickly. It doesn't leave you feeling greasy and the good scent stays with you all day. I liked it so much I now also use it when I am not going to tan just for the scent.