Devoted Creations Fortune Revolutionary Grand Noir 13.5 oz -

Devoted Creations Fortune Revolutionary Grand Noir Tanning Lotion 13.5oz.

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With Devoted Creations Fortune™ you just unlocked a whole new wealth of color! This rich bronzing formula will not only produce magnificent dark results. This affluent formula is multifaceted for the client that demands excellence. Lavish light enhancers and prestigious pH balancers make Fortune™ the desired match for the color connoisseur!
When it comes to your tan, greed is a good thing – You need to demand results, because you’re worth a fortune!
  • Intoxicating Black Levels of High DHA, Natural & Instant Cosmetic Bronzers
  • Pentapeptide 34
  • Light Activated Photosomes
  • pH Balancing for Optimal Light Absorption
  • Spray Tan Friendly Silicones
  • Blue Tansy™ Counteracts orange tones in the skin to provide the deepest bronzed results
  • Cashmere Blend 24 Hour Hydration System
  • SunXtend™ Color Extending Formula
  • Tattoo & Color Fade Protecting Technology
  • Cashmere Glow Fragrance

Customer Reviews

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Kristin B.

Love it! Only thing is make sure you rub it in all the way or you will have streaks.