Selfie Tan’n Go – 2 Hour Sunless 6.78 oz -

Selfie Tan’n Go – 2 Hour Sunless 6.78oz.

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Enriched with vitamins A, C, and E to hydrate and nourish your skin, our 2 Hour Sunless Lotion does more than give you a coveted tan. With rich Gotu Kola and green tea, this self-tanner gives you a natural tanned skin tone while keeping your skin soft and supple. With Immediate Bronzers leaves no after-tan aroma, is a streak-free formula, and paraben free. Perfect for all skin types so you can show a smooth, even, natural tan in little to no time.Selfie® 2 Hour Sunless Lotion is a gradual formula that allows you to control the level of color you want to achieve:
  • 2 Hours: Light, sun-kissed tan.
  • 4 Hours: Medium, gold-bronze tan.
  • 8 Hours: Deep, dark tan.

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Leslie H.
Would buy again

Goes on nicely and smells good. I never have marks and can use it without any problems!