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Versa Spa Intensifying Primer 8oz.

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  • PREP, PRIME, PERFECT, AND PROTECT: Apply this all-in-one tan accelerator prior to any self-tanning product application or sun bed tanning to ensure deep, dark color development that lasts and lasts with the added beauty bonus of skin nourishing ingredients.
  • AMPLIFY AND ACCELERATE: Lightweight gel-lotion formula effortlessly glides onto skin, while blending beautifully and drying instantly, allowing for immediate sunless tanning application or sun bed tanning. Enriched with amino acids to accentuate, amplify, and extend the life and intensity of any tan.
  • BALANCE, BUILD, AND BOOST: This pH-balanced tanning accelerator builds, beautifies, deepens, and darkens any self-tanning product, while boosting the efficacy of any sunless tanning product.
  • GO BEYOND TAN: VersaSpa’s unique blend of green & brown marine algae helps moisturize, oxygenate and detoxify skin. Algae skin is remarkably similar to human skin from a structural standpoint. Algae is subject to the harsh environmental elements yet replenishes & rejuvenates itself. VesaSpa products bring you the same miracle in all of our formulations.
  • TWO HOURS TO A TROPICAL TAN: Sunless tanning products will begin to bronze and beautify within two hours after application of this tan intensifier – that’s half the time of normal self-tanner color development!

Customer Reviews

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Carrie I.

I can not live without this. I am a spray tan junkie and this primer helps elimnate the blotchy and streak marks

Jenny P.

This is amazing! I use it before I apply my airbrush tan and it makes a huge difference! When I don?t use it my tan looks splotchy and only lasts like 2-3 days max. When I use this it looks so even and smooth and lasts about 5-7 days. It?s expensive but worth it!